Flex-Tek heating elements and thermal systems improve the performance of medical and diagnostic equipment as well as that of domestic appliances such as clothes dryers and HVAC equipment.


Tutco is a global leader in the heating component industry. We supply electric resistance heating elements for a broad range of applications, including compressors, clothes dryers, duct heaters, heat pumps, window air conditioners, and vending machines.

Tutco Farnam

Tutco-Farnam Custom Products is an industry leading custom electric heating elements manufacturer specializing in air heaters and flexible surface heaters. They have a proven record of improving heater efficiency, enhancing product reliability, and reducing costs for their customers.

Tutco Sure Heat

Tutco SureHeat specializes in demanding high-temperature applications. Their products have been integrated into a variety of OEM manufacturing processes and facilities worldwide. Tutco SureHeat products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide.