Flex-Tek provides solutions in engine and airframe conveyance, for jet engine and airframe manufacturers. We work closely with our partners to ensure our engineered products satisfy their reliability requirements.


For over a half century Kreisler Manufacturing has provided precision tube assemblies, fabricated ducts, synchronizing rings and manifolds used by leading commercial, regional and military jet aircraft as well as in industrial gas turbines.

Lewis & Saunders

As the overhaul and repair arm of Titeflex® Aerospace, Lewis & Saunders is a world leader in the repair and overhaul of rigid tubes, manifolds, ducts, as well as repair of flexible hose assemblies used in the aerospace industry.


Scotia is a leading manufacturer of small-diameter precision fixed tubular components for the aerospace and defense industries primarily to transfer fuel, oil, air, water, and hydraulic fluids.

Titeflex Aerospace

Titeflex is a global leader in creating and adapting fluid management products. Titeflex provides solutions and service for demanding fluid transfer requirements, whether the media is corrosive, caustic or combustible, under extreme pressure, temperature and flexing conditions.